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Payment & Refund Policy

• A security deposit amount, based on the item and tenure of the subscription, is taken during booking of subscription. The amount is refundable if the customer cancels the order prior to delivery of the product/package.

• In case of early termination of the entire package or partial package / product/s, the difference in monthly rental rates between 'Contract tenure' (the tenure selected at the time of order placement) and 'Actual tenure' (effective tenure at early closure) for the selected items will have to be paid. Also, pick up shall be charged separately in case of early termination of the subscription or adjusted to the refund amount.


• The customer's billing cycle starts on the date the first item is delivered to his/her house. The subscription cycle is then that date plus one month. Every subsequent item/package delivered is invoiced pro-rate in accordance with the subscription cycle.


For e.g.: A customer places an order for 2 products on 1st April. In case the order is partially delivered with one product on 5th April and the remaining items are delivered on 7th April. In this case, the customers subscription cycle is frozen from 5th of every month to 4th of next month. The items delivered on 5th are invoiced for 30 days (entire subscription cycle) and the items delivered on 7th are invoiced for 28 days for the first month (pro-rata according to subscription cycle). Any subsequent add-on, swap, etc. will be invoiced in accordance with the subscription cycle.


• Pre-authorization on a credit card: A credit card preauthorization is much like any other charge to a credit card, except instead of actually debiting funds upfront from your credit card, we are simply taking permission from you to automatically charge if there are any charges at the time product return.


• Benefits of credit card pre-authorization: You can the save the hassle of future payments if any for the booking.


• Till when will be my card pre-Authorized: Once all the refunds and extra charges are settled for a booking, pre-authorisation will be automatically removed from the credit-card


• Rentals must be paid on the day or within 2 days of receipt of the invoice. Delayed payment of monthly rentals beyond due date shall attract a penal interest of 5% per month till the time the monthly rental is paid.


• Non-payment of monthly rentals for one month could result in termination of subscription and removal of the furniture and forfeiture of security deposit.


• Money has been deducted from my credit/debit card but I didn't get any confirmation message / mail. Has my reservation been made: Please wait for half an hour. You will surely get a confirmation message.


• The Firm will levy a charge of $100/- or amount charged by the bank to Seventh Chakra Healing Limited for dishonour of subscription cost by you, whichever is higher.


• Agrees and acknowledges that Seventh Chakra Healing Limited will not be held responsible for any delay and/or failure in debiting customer’s bank/credit card account for reasons not attributable to the negligence and/or misconduct on the part.


• Agrees to register for bank/credit card/subscription facility and that the payment towards rental dues to Seventh Chakra Healing Limited shall be made from credit card/bank account stated in the during checkout.


• Authorizes the representatives of Seventh Chakra Healing Limited, agents of Seventh Chakra Healing Limited this subscription to get it verified and executed.


• Customers are required to ensure adequate funds are maintained in their bank account on the date of Auto Debit transaction.


• Seventh Chakra Healing Limited will endeavour to debit the Subscriber/Purchaser/Customer credit card/bank account on the subscription day or of the month, however if there is any delay all such transactions are debited subsequently


• Seventh Chakra Healing Limited or its authorized banker or agent will initiate the Auto Debit from subscriptions / registrations / debit transactions.


• Seventh Chakra Healing Limited / Sponsor Bank are not liable for the bank charges, if any, debited from Subscriber/Purchaser/Customer’s bank account/credit card by the destination bank, on account of payment.


• All rights and remedies as applicable in case of Dishonor of a subscription are available to Seventh Chakra Healing Limited against dishonour of electronic funds transfer instructions / subscription auto debit mandates under insufficiency of funds as are available under jurisdiction sections


Refund Policies

• Refund requests must include the name of the subscriber.

• Refunds will be credited back to the account of customer through any of the Banking channels.

• If the customer has paid deposit and has accepted delivery, the deposit is non–refundable if the product is returned in less than agreed months from the date of complete delivery of the respective package.

• Seventh Chakra Healing Limited, under any circumstances, will not refund to You any charges levied by Your bank to You for default / Inward Return on account of subscription cost being dishonored.

• Refunds are issued under the following circumstances:  Customer or Seventh Chakra Healing Limited terminating subscription after initial subscription period,  

• Within 5 working days from the date of issue of Pick Up instructions, the Firm shall process for refund of Security Deposit, subject to deduction of damages, unpaid monthly rentals and any other deductions as applicable. Refund would be done through a original transaction mode to credit card or bank transfer. Refunds would be tracked by Seventh Chakra Healing Limited Customer Care and updates shared accordingly with customer.

• In case of partial return of package, pro-rata rent for the items retained is charged.

• In case of early termination of the entire package or partial package / product/s, the balance amount will be refunded only after the difference in monthly rental rates between 'Contract tenure' (the tenure selected at the time of order placement) and 'Actual tenure' (effective tenure at early closure) for the selected items has been paid.

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